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Credit Restoration

Services & Classes

Where Financial Literacy Matters

Services. We take care of your personal and business credit needs so you don't have to, leaving you free to focus on other things.

Click the link below or call 518-992-5477 for your free credit restoration consultation.

Ready to move forward with repairing your credit? Click on our Prices & Plans Page above to select your plan and make a payment.

Whether you are starting a business or need help repairing your personal credit, we are here for you. We have Credit Repair Specialist with years of experience handling a variety of credit challenges.

Receive Credit Restoration Services for As Low As $39 a month.

Advanced  Restoration Services for $125.00. Get maximum results in minimal time

Flat Rate Restoration Services for only $600.00. Maximun results at a fraction of the cost.

Classes. We offer virtual and in person Credit Repair classes, so you can fix your own credit or learn the business yourself. With our Credit Restoration Class, you will learn business and personal credit, you will receive over 100 Sample Dispute Letters, and a Certificate of Completion.

We also offer financial coaching sessions that focus on financial literacy, budgeting, and much more.

Credit Restoration Classes:

Price $250

Classes Start Monthly

Click the link below to Register for a Class. Payment can be made from our Price & Plans page. Include your full name, phone number, the dates you are available to attend class, and indicate virtual or in person class (Decatur, GA or Stonecrest, GA).

Credit Repair: Who We Are
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